Live and Let Die Quad Poster


While investigating the deaths of three British agents, James Bond falls foul of gangster Mr. Big, who seems to have connections to Dr. Kananga, the president of San Monique. Bond follows leads to New Orleans, then to San Monique, where he is aided by double agent Rosie Carver. After freeing Kananga’s girlfriend, Solitaire, a seer who foretells the future with Tarot cards, Bond discovers that Kananga and Mr. Big are one and the same. Via his chain of Fillet of Soul restaurants, Kananga plans to flood the USA with two tons of free heroin, which will put his competitors out of business and allow him to monopolise the drug’s supply. When Solitaire is recaptured by Kananga, Bond, with help from CIA agent Felix Leiter and Quarrel Jr, returns to San Monique to kill Kananga and save Solitaire, before she is ritually sacrificed by Baron Samedi, the voodoo chief.