Goldfinger Quad Poster


James Bond is assigned to investigate one of the wealthiest men in the world, Auric Goldfinger, who is suspected of smuggling England’s gold reserves. Goldfinger’s greed is exceeded only by his disrespect for human life. Bond, aided by Goldfinger’s secretary Jill Masterson, catches Goldfinger cheating at cards. In retaliation, Goldfinger has Jill Masterson killed by smothering her with gold paint. The dead girl’s sister Tilly is also killed, when she follows Goldfinger to Switzerland and attempts revenge. Bond is captured by Goldfinger’s huge manservant Oddjob, and almost killed by a deadly laser beam. Drugged, 007 finds himself on Goldfinger’s private jet being flown to America where Goldfinger plans to contaminate the Fort Knox gold increasing the value of his own gold. Bond, Pussy Galore and her flying circus thwart Goldfinger’s plot.