For Your Eyes Only Quad Poster


James Bond is ordered to retrieve the Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator (ATAC), housed on a sunken spy ship, the St. Georges. When Sir Timothy Havelock, a marine archaeologist secretly helping the British to locate the ship, is murdered along with his wife, Bond is dispatched to Spain to find out who hired the hitman, Gonzales, but before he can find out, Gonzales is killed by Havelock’s daughter, Melina. In Italy, Bond and Melina seek organised-crime figure Milos Columbo through businessman Aristotle Kristatos, then travel to Corfu to pursue Columbo. Columbo reveals that Kristatos is responsible for the Havelock’s murder and is working with the Russians to obtain the ATAC. After retrieving the ATAC from the wreck of the St. Georges, Bond and Melina are captured by Kristatos, but survive his attempt to drown them. Aided by Columbo, Bond and Melina infiltrate the mountaintop monastery of St. Cyril’s, where Bond retrieves the ATAC and prevents Melina from killing Kristatos, who dies by Columbo’s hand. As the Russians arrive to collect the ATAC, Bond destroys it so neither East nor West can have it.