The London Sock Exchange 007 Heraldry Collection

The London Sock Exchange has released the 007 Heraldry Set which is inspired by James Bond’s mission in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969).

The gift set contains two pairs of socks – The Bond Crest Sock and The De Bleuchamp / Blofeld Crest Sock – with embroidered motifs rendered in coloured threads on ribbed socks. Each boxed set also features a trio of collectible inserts – making it an ideal gift.

The Bond Crest Sock: “The arms of Sir Thomas Bond, Baronet of Peckham, died 1734. Argent on a chevron sable. Three bezants.” We’re first introduced to the Bond family crest by Sir Hilary Bray at the College of Arms in London in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), while he and 007 discuss the details of Bond’s mission to Switzerland. “Good motto, eh?” Sir Hilary finally adds. “The World is Not Enough.”

The De Bleuchamp / Blofeld Crest Sock: Proud eagles flanking a crown adorned with nine pearls to signify counthood; a warrior’s helmet; the precipitous, snow-capped peak of a mountain. The features of the de Bleuchamp / Blofeld coat of arms simmer with a rare heraldic ferocity. And nowhere is that spirit more evident than in the growling boar sitting at the crest’s heart: a timeless, visceral symbol of persistence, intrepidness and cunning – much like the aspiring Count himself.

The 007 Heraldry Set is available from the 007 Heraldry Set or from the 007 Store.

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