Brian Cox in 007s Road To A Million
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In a new interview with GQ Magazine UK, Brian Cox talks about following up a career-defining role in Succession with, of all things, a James Bond themed reality series.

In 007: Road To A Million Cox takes on the role of “The Controller”, the show’s shadowy and knowingly hammy villain, tasked with frustrating the contestants’ efforts.

Speaking on the role, Cox said “I’ve been ignored over the years as far as James Bond is concerned. One of the kind of cockeyed reasons I did [007: Road to a Million] was I thought, well: really? If you were ever looking for somebody to play a Bond villain [it would be me]… so this is sort of my way of getting back at them.

While some might see the role as a sudden career change, off-the-wall choices have been a staple throughout Cox’s lengthy career, with the actor noting, “I just thought it was witty, and I liked the idea of it. And also my involvement was not huge. It was a no-brainer, really. [Actors] get precious about ‘Oh, I can’t do that.’ I don’t buy into any kind of, “I’m special” thing. I’ve never bought into that notion. That way lies a dusty death, quite frankly.

007: Road to a Million, which will see contestants competing in a global adventure to win the ultimate prize of up to £1 million, is set to premiere on Prime Video in November 2023.

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