Station J An Mi6 Comedy

The Motley Bauhaus Black Box Theatre will host the world premiere of Station J: An Mi6 Comedy, a new Australian comedy play from Melbourne playwrights Jack Richardson (Scintilla Performance Inc.) and Kieran Bullock (Social Club Productions), from 26 – 30 September 2023.

Station J: An MI6 Comedy is a one-act office comedy set in the James Bond universe. In a radio communication station in 1960s Jamaica three humble public servants of the British Secret Service spend their days wading through petty office politics and vast quantities of filing. What promised to be a quiet posting in an idyllic, far-flung corner of the world is thrown into disarray when one of the fabled Double-O agents walks through the door. It becomes clear that the final act of this spy thriller is about to unfold on Station J’s doorstep, and it will be up to them to save the world!

Station J is a farcical comedy that takes aim at the social and office politics of its setting (1960s post-war England). It parodies the action of the James Bond novels, and turns their recurrent themes of hyper masculinity, casual misogyny, and exploitation of political scenarios in unexpected ways. A key comedic device of the play involves subverting the gender of the traditional “superspy hero”, and exploring how figures of authority in a 1960s, male-driven, “boys own adventure” react to challenges to their assumed gender roles. There is a strong satirical edge to the story, and the play aims to juxtapose the mundanity of office politics – and the interactions of the characters – with the spectacular and improbable twists of an iconic espionage thriller!

James Bond Australia has teamed up with Social Club Productions to offer our readers an exclusive 20% discount on the listed ticket price.


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