Rebel Wilson Black and White PortraitIn an interview with Variety during the Cannes Film Festival, Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, Bogan Pride) has revealed that last year she auditioned for an unspecified role in the next James Bond film.

According to Wilson, the invitation came after producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson saw her host the 2022 BAFTA Film Awards, with Wilson explaining that she had to clear some Bond-related jokes with the producers ahead of the awards, which put her in direct contact with the producers, ultimately leading to an audition.

What was really cool was having the opportunity to audition for Bond,” revealed the actress.

Although Variety states that Bond 26 is “currently in the script stage“, industry insiders question the validity of Wilson’s claim.

Furthermore, the news is at odds with a statement given by Barbara Broccoli in June 2022, stating that it will be “at least two years” before Bond 26 begins filming, and that the search for the next James Bond actor has yet to begin.

Despite the statement causing some confusion as to the current development status of Bond 26, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating which role Wilson auditioned for, with many suggesting it might be a reinvention of the character “Q”.

It is also worth noting that, given Wilson’s auditioned occurred off the back of hosting the BAFTAs, it is possible that Wilson in fact auditioned for a hosting / presenting role in the upcoming reality series 007’s Road To A Million – the production schedule of which more closely aligns to that of Wilson’s audition timeline.

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