Casino Royale Gold Vinyl

The Casino Royale (2006) soundtrack, composed by David Arnold, will be released as a Limited Edition Double Gold Vinyl LP on 24 March, 2023.

The double (180 gram) gold vinyl will be limited to 1,500 number copies, and features a gate fold sleeve, two printed innersleeves, secret inscriptions in the run-out groove, and a large Casino Royale poster.

Casino Royale Red Vinyl

A Red Vinyl Edition of 250 individually numbered copies will be available exclusively from At The Movies.


1. African Rundown1. Miami International
2. Nothing Sinister2. I’m the Money
3. Unauthorised Access3. Aston Montenegro
4. Blunt Instrument4. Dinner Jackets
5. CCTV5. The Tell
6. Solange 
7. Trip Aces
1. Stairwell Fight1. The Bad Die Young
2. Vesper2. City of Lovers
3. Bond Loses It All3. The Switch
4. Dirty Martini4. Fall of a House in Venice
5. Bond Wins It All5. Death of Vesper
6. The End of an Aston Martin6. The Bitch is Dead
 7. The Name’s Bond…James Bond

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