For Your Eyes Only Folio Society Edition

The Folio Society have published Ian Fleming’s For Your Eyes Only, the thirteenth volume in their James Bond collection.

The first of two short story collections, For Your Eyes Only features: From a View to a Kill, For Your Eyes Only, Quantum of Solace, Risico and The Hildebrand Rarity.

From a View to a Kill whisks Bond to the French countryside where he must go undercover to expose a deadly secret-intelligence plot, and in For Your Eyes Only, 007 is absorbed into a private vendetta of M’s, blurring the lines between the personal and professional.

In Quantum of Solace, Bond attends a dinner party in the Bahamas and learns how passion can soon twist into cruelty, while Risico forces the secret agent to fight for the lesser of two evils in a smuggling war set amid the Mediterranean.

Finally, The Hildebrand Rarity lands 007 in an old-fashioned murder mystery at sea, where even he has a secret to keep.

For Your Eyes Only Folio Society Edition

Series artist Fay Dalton returns to provide her own irresistible spin on MI6’s greatest, with seven full-colour illustrations and an especially dramatic slipcase.

Production Details:
Bound in blocked cloth
Set in Miller Text with Folio Bold Condensed as display
240 pages
Frontispiece and 6 colour illustrations
Pictorial slipcase
9˝ x 6¼˝

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