Fabergé has today announced the Fabergé x 007 Egg Objet, commemorating Fabergé’s 180th Anniversary and the 60th Anniversary of James Bond.

The Fabergé x 007 Egg Objet will encapsulate the iconic stories woven into the histories of both Fabergé and James Bond. Designed by Fabergé’s Head of Design, Liisa Tallgren, and overseen by its Creative Director, Josina von dem Bussche-Kessell, the design of the egg will be a symphony of past, present and future, with nods to Bond’s legendary gadgets subtly integrated into the creation.

The Egg Objet showcase the most innovative and technologically advanced mechanisms Fabergé has accomplished to date, and will feature the rarest of gemstones, epitomising the creativity for which Fabergé is renowned.

Newly appointed Fabergé Creative Director Josina von dem Bussche-Kessell says: “The partnership with EON Productions and the James Bond film franchise represents our latest creative endeavour through which we are looking to set a new standard in modern-day objet d’arts, in a way that only Fabergé can. This is a thrilling opportunity for us to fuse the legendary on-screen storytelling of the world’s most famous secret agent with Fabergé’s globally celebrated artistry. With this unique and ground-breaking piece, these two icons will intersect where suspense entertainment meets engineering mastery in precious materials. At Fabergé, we have license to creatively push boundaries and we’re intending to make use of it like never before.

Signature to Fabergé, the 007-collaborative piece will have a series of surprising elements which will be revealed in 2023, which also marks 40 years since Octopussy’s (1983) release. Despite being central to the story, the “Fabergé” egg in the 1983 film was in fact a film prop set with Swarovski crystals, meaning the upcoming one-off egg is the first of its kind.

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