Dr No 60th Anniversary Special Edition Steelbook

Zavvi and the 007 Store have announced the release of the Dr. No 60th Anniversary Special Edition Steelbook on Monday, 3 October, 2022.

“Arriving in Jamaica to investigate the suspected murder of a fellow agent and his secretary, James Bond eludes several attempts on his life. With the help of CIA agent Felix Leiter and local fisherman Quarrel, Bond follows the sinister trail of Dr. No to his island Crab Key. Shortly after landing on the beach with Quarrel, Bond encounters alluring shell collector Honey Ryder. The three uninvited visitors are hunted down by Dr. No’s private army, who kill Quarrel and take Bond and Honey to Dr. No’s magnificent lair. Their megalomaniac host, Dr. No tells Bond that by utilising the nuclear laboratory on site, he plans to destroy the US Space program as his first move towards world domination. Bond outwits Dr. No who falls victim to his own scheme and dies. Rescuing Honey Ryder, Bond commandeers a motorboat and together they escape from Crab Key, seconds before it explodes, leaving the final devastation of Dr. No’s laboratory behind.”

The Dr. No (1962) Standard HD Blu-ray Special Edition includes:

  • Theatrical Poster
  • New 32-Page Booklet
  • Dragon Tank Buildable Board Figure
  • 4 Lobby Card Reproductions and Envelope

On-Disc bonus content:

  • Audio Commentary with Director and Members of the Cast and Crew
  • 007: Licence to Restore Featurette
  • The Guns of James Bond Featurette
  • Premiere Bond: Opening Night Featurette
  • 007 Mission Control: Interactive Guide into the World of Dr. No
  • Inside Dr. No Documentary
  • Dr. No 1963 Featurette
  • Image Database
  • Theatrical Trailers, TV and Radio Spots
  • Region B

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