Globe-Trotter James Bond 60th Anniversary Collection

Globe-Trotter, the luxury English luggage maker, have released the James Bond 60th Anniversary Collection, in celebration of, and inspired by, the first James Bond film, Dr. No (1962).

The 60th Anniversary Collection features a playful homage to the iconic opening titles of the first 007 film, Dr. No with a dotted capsule, alongside a navy capsule with coloured highlights.

Designed by Maurice Binder, the Dr. No title sequence is a modernist vision: his titles create the visual elements that became icons of popular culture. The coloured dots change colour, position and form patterns at the same high tempo as the score and are just one element of a hugely influential sequence.

The coloured dots design has been applied to the exterior of Globe-Trotter’s suitcases, giving them a stylish aesthetic, perfectly in harmony with the design of the cases. The vulcanised fibreboard suitcase body in a sleek black has matching black leather trim and chrome hardware and is available as a Storage Box, Attaché, 4-Wheel Carry-On Case as well as a 4-Wheel Check-In Case size.

Each case comes with a specially designed leather patch featuring the original 007 logo from 1962, and even smallest features within the suitcases has been customised including the leather trim of the straps and eyelets, featuring custom-dyed leather matching the coloured dots.

For customers who prefer a pared-back look, Globe-Trotter is introducing a new navy luggage set with black leather trim on the straps and handles, featuring the same-coloured leather trim on the interior as well as the original 007 logo embossed leather patch.

Each piece of luggage in the range will come with a Special Edition Leather Luggage Tag, with the front side inset with vulcanised fibreboard featuring the coloured dots while the back has the original 007 logo embossed on the leather surface.

The Globe-Trotter James Bond 60th Anniversary Collection is now available from the 007 Store.

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