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The exclusive exhibition, No Time To Die – Behind the Scenes curated by Michael G. Wilson, will be on display at the Leica Gallery Sydney from 12 November, 2021 to 10 January, 2022.

The exhibition features twenty-five black and white behind-the-scenes photographs from the set of No Time To Die (2021) captured on Leica M and Leica Q cameras by producer Michael G. Wilson, actor Daniel Craig, and on set stills photographer Nicola Dove and photographer Greg Williams.

In an interview with the Leica Blog, Michael G. Wilson explains his curatorial process behind the exhibition, and his personal love of photography.

The idea for the exhibition was born from conversations I had with Leica’s London archivist, Lou Proud, during the production of No Time To Die. When we realised we had four accomplished photographers snapping away on set who could capture behind-the-scenes moments with Leica cameras (Greg Williams, Nicola Dove, Daniel Craig and myself) we realized we had the makings of an exhibition.

With Ella Naef’s help, we have assembled a portfolio of 25 images showing work by all four photographers. We created portfolios of which four are artist proofs for the four artists, one is for the EON archive and one is for sale at the Bond auction in autumn 2022.

When curating the portfolio, I opted for black and white images in the traditional style. Leica cameras and lenses produce excellent results in this medium. Each photographer not only brought their unique vision to the project, but also a personal relationship to the subject:

Daniel Craig has a very particular eye, and after pouring his heart and soul into five Bond films, has developed a deep connection to our crew. Hence, he has taken some wonderful behind-the-scenes shots focussed on the people who help us bring Bond to life.

Greg Williams is, of course, a world-renowned photographer who has worked with us on Bond for many years. He knows how to get in there and grab the picture that wins awards!

Nicola Dove is on set full time to document the making of the film. She is forever watching for those special moments which she captures magnificently.

I just snap at anything that moves. Each photographer has a very different style but with Leica’s cameras I feel that we are all speaking with one voice. I hope you enjoy what we have to say.

Speaking on the exhibition, Ryan Williams, Managing Director of Leica Camera Australia, says “We are thrilled to showcase these special, behind-the-scenes photographs during the filming of No Time To Die. With the movie’s production taking its cast and crew to a range of stunning locations around the world, from Matera, Italy, through to Jamaica, this exhibition offers insight into the people and landscapes that make up the iconic film with astonishing detail.

The Leica Store and Gallery Sydney is located on Level 2 of the Queen Victoria Building at 455 George St, Sydney, and is open seven days a week.

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