In a new featurette from IMAX, director Cary Fukunaga explains why he chose to shoot No Time To Die (2021) using IMAX film cameras.

No Time To Die is the first James Bond film shot using IMAX cameras, with approximately 40 minutes of the film being shot using the large 70mm IMAX format on celluloid film.

Despite being shot on celluloid film, the film will not be available in the traditional IMAX print format for distribution. Instead, all IMAX screenings will be in the digital format.

While no official reason to the change has, as of yet, been given, it is likely the choice for digital distribution was one of economics and logistics. Traditional IMAX prints are large and heavy reels of film, which given the current delays in global shipping and numerous changes in release date, would likely have proven a logistical challenge.

‘No Time To Die’ will be released by Universal Pictures in Australia on 11 November, 2021, and can be seen in IMAX at IMAX Melbourne.

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