Rami Malek as Safin in No Time To Die

In the Winter 2021 Edition (Volume 13, Issue 1) of Production Sound & Video Magazine, Simon Hayes writes about securing his dream job as a production sound mixer on the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die (2021).

In Part 1 Hayes discusses working with a crew, including Cary Fukunaga, Linus Sandgren, Michael G. Wilson and Gregg Wilson, that are passionate about the films sound mixing and the types and vintages of the sound equipment used, as well as the microphones and battery packs Daniel Craig requires for each specific scene and costume, and the unique challenges of sound recording on location during the Norwegian winter.

Full Issue: Download.

** Part 2 of the article and will detail filming in Jamaica, and will be published in the Spring 2021 Edition of of Production Sound & Video Magazine.

‘No Time To Die’ will be released by Universal Pictures in Australia on 7 October, 2021.

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