Bollinger Special Cuvee 007 Limited Edition

In celebration of over 40 years of partnership as the Official Champagne of 007 and the upcoming film No Time To Die (2020), Champagne Bollinger has produced a limited edition gift box that brings together three icons: Bollinger’s signature Special Cuvée, the Aston Martin DB5 and James Bond.

The limited edition gift box features the silhouette of James Bond alongside his Aston Martin DB5. The colourway of the gift box echoes the silver birch finish of the DB5. The Bollinger lettering and logos are depicted in gold and the iconic Special Cuvée bottle has been adapted to feature a black and gold neck collar with a 007 blazon.

Champagne Bollinger worked with celebrated photographer Greg Williams, for the soon to be released Special Cuvée 007 Limited Edition campaign, featuring his signature cinematic style that also appears in the No Time To Die campaign.

The Bollinger Special Cuvée 007 Limited Edition will be available globally from 1 October, 2020.

Daniel Craig with the Aston Martin V8 in No Time To Die

In this new production still from No Time To Die, a stack of Champagne Bollinger cases can be seen in James Bond’s storage unit, as he removes the cover from his Aston Martin V8.

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