James Bond in the Spotlight of Physics by Metin Tolan Joachim StolzeHow do James Bond’s X-ray glasses work, the ones he uses to see whether the lady at the roulette table has a pistol concealed in her underwear? Is it really possible to launch oneself into the air and catch up with a plane that is free-falling towards the earth? Or to shoot down a helicopter with a pistol?

In this lively and informative book, Germany’s boldest physics professor Metin Tolan analyses the stunts and gadgets of the 007 films and even answers the question of all questions: Why does Bond drink his vodka martini shaken, not stirred?

‘Shaken, Not Stirred! James Bond in the Spotlight of Physics’ by Metin Tolan & Joachim Stolze, will be published on 29 September, 2020 by Springer International Publishing.


Production Information:

Release Date: Tuesday, 29 September, 2020
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pages: VII, 199
Illustrations: 63 black and white illustrations, 3 colour illustrations
Price: $33.24
Dimensions: 15.5 x 23.5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-030-40108-5

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