While promoting his new film ‘Surge’ by Aneil Karia at the Sundance Film Festival, Ben Whishaw sparred a few moments to talk about No Time To Die (2020) with Collider.

Speaking on what fans can expect from the 25th James Bond film, Whishaw said “It’s Daniel’s [Craig] last film as James Bond, so I think what they can look forward to is a kind of summing up, I guess, of all of the previous Bond films that Daniel’s done. There are strands from all of the films in it, kind of reaching a conclusion.

On working with director Cary Fukunaga, Whishaw likened the process to working on an independent film, saying that “It was great. And you know what was amazing is that he treated it, or was able to approach it, it felt to me almost as if it were an independent film. You know? And it was quite improvisational … we didn’t do many takes. It was very light. Sometimes quite chaotic, but I’m very excited to see how he’s constructed the final film.

In a separate interview with IMDB, moderated by Kevin Smith, Whishaw spoke on his future in the franchise, saying that “I think I’m done now. I think I’ve done the three that I was contracted to do. I’ve done them, so I think that might be it for me.”

‘No Time To Die’ will be released by Universal Pictures in Australia on 8 April, 2020.

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