Passport to Oblivion

George Lazenby returns to the spy game in the new audio drama Passport to Oblivion based on the international best selling series by James Leasor. The series features an all-star cast, including Glynis Barber, Nikolas Grace, Michael Brandon and Terence Stamp as ‘C’ the Head of MI6.

Passport to Oblivion is available as a 2-disc audio set from Spiteful Puppet on 25 November, 2019.

Who was ‘K’ and why was he killed? Who is the mysterious girl in Rome? Why are the Russians basing their covert operations in Iran? And why is the Deputy Head of MI6 sifting through filing cabinets for the name of a man he knew in Burma twenty years ago?

None of these questions should concern quick-witted Dr. Jason Love (who made his home in the UK from Australia after seeing action in WWII and now resides in Somerset as a contentedly middle-aged country practitioner) until – with the promise of a rare sports car as his reward (his passion outside of medicine) – he undertakes a seemingly insignificant rendezvous for MI6 that changes his quiet country life forever.

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