George Lazenby Melbourne Gin Company
George Lazenby has recently dusted off his tuxedo to front a new advertising campaign for The Melbourne Gin Company.

Speaking on the new campaign, CEO and Founder, Andrew Marks, says “George is much more than the ‘Australian James Bond’. He is an iconoclast, a free character who, when fame and fortune are bestowed upon him, has the sense of self to look it squarely in the eye and say I choose my own way.

Perhaps more than a glimmer of the larrikin, but it is harder to think of a better example of someone who has been true to themselves along the journey.

That’s the Spirit. And a character worth celebrating.

Founded in 2009 by winemaker Andrew Marks, The Melbourne Gin Company is an independent distillery with an artisan production approach. Their gin range is hand crafted, batch distilled and non chill filtered.

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