Matthew Bauer (Director, Producer and Co-Writer)
The Other Fellow

Matthew Bauer discusses his first feature length documentary The Other Fellow, which chronicles the shared experience of a group of real men around the world all sharing the name James Bond.

Mark Edlitz (Writer, Producer and Director)
The Many Lives of James Bond

Mark Edlitz discusses his book The Many Lives of James Bond, which features the largest collection of original interviews with the cast and creatives who have brought the world of James Bond to life.

Nicolás Suszczyk (Author and Editor)
A View to a Thrill / Licencia Para Promocionar

Nicolás Suszczyk discusses his third book, A View to a Thrill, an in-depth analysis of the James Bond trailers and their evolution over the past six decades.

Jim Wright (Author)
The Real James Bond: A True Story of Identity Theft, Avian Intrigue and Ian Fleming

Jim Wright discusses his new book, The Real James Bond, which examines the life of ornithologist James Bond, who, when publishing his landmark book, Birds of the West Indies, could never have imagined that it would forever tie him to one of the world’s most iconic fictional spies, Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007.

Nicolás Suszczyk (Author and Editor)
Beyond the Ice / Más Allá Del Hielo

Nicolás Suszczyk discusses his forth book, Beyond the Ice an in-depth analysis of the 20th James Bond film, Die Another Day.