While a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS) to promote his upcoming film Knives Out (2019), Daniel Craig confirmed that No Time To Die, due for release in cinemas on 8 April, 2020, will be his final outing as James Bond.

The episode will air in Australia on Tuesday, 25 November, 2019 at 12:00 AM (AEST) on Channel 10.

Interview Transcript:

Colbert: Now, No Time To Die. Here we go. The poster is out. Comes out in April. Now, as if another Daniel Craig bond movie isn’t cool enough, I understand that you personally got the great Phoebe Waller-Bridge involved in this project.
Craig: Yup.
Colbert: How did that come about?
Craig: Um …
Colbert: She’s amazing.
Craig: I know, because she’s amazing. Simple as that. It was Killing Eve. Have you seen that?
Colbert: Yeah.
Craig: So I knew she was great from ‘Fleabag.’ But I watched Killing Eve and I saw what she did with that and I thought it was spectacular.
Colbert: Did you know her?
Craig: A little bit, like “Hi.”
Colbert: I’ve done that. You just called her and said, “Hi, it’s Daniel Craig. Will you write the Bond movie?”
Craig: Kind of yeah yeah.
Colbert: That’s cool.
Craig: I mean, she could only say no. And she didn’t say no. She said yes, so that’s great.
Colbert: That sounds like the title of a Bond movie: ‘She Can Only Say No.’
Craig: Maybe in the (gestures future).
Colbert: Now the movie has our friend Rami Malik in it.
Craig: Yes, it does. How lucky we are to have him.
Colbert: He’s a wonderful guy. And hot off the Oscar. Now, when he was here last time, he was talking about it. We have a clip right here.

Malek: He’s [Daniel Craig] is my favorite Bond, if I can say that without …
Colbert: Sure. Why not?
Malek: Yeah. Why not? We had this scene that was a very complicated scene, and we were rehearsing for it with our terrific director Cary Fukunaga, and we were sitting at a table over hours just batting about ideas back and forth. And we finally cracked this really challenging scene. And, you know, he grabbed me, picked me up, and I can’t tell who initiated the next moment, if it was him or I, but … a kiss transpired between the two of us. And I’m going to say that Daniel initiated it. And I was very taken aback …
Colbert: Was it welcome?
Malek: Yeah. Very much so.
Colbert: I just want to make sure.
Malek: And I took a moment, caught my breath, and I looked out and said, “So does this make me a Bond girl?”

Colbert: It’s a valid question. First of all, it sounds like a lovely moment.
Craig: It was a lovely moment.
Colbert: But it’s a valid question.
Craig: I kiss all my leading men. I think it just breaks the ice.
Colbert: Now, when you’re done with Bond, are you done with Bond?
Craig: Yes.
Colbert: You’re done with Bond?
Craig: It’s done.

Interview transcript provided by Bond on the Box.

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